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The Early Years

By Janet (Krider) Duncan ‘58   Manhattan has had a school at 9th and Poyntz for 150 years. That’s as long as Manhattan has been incorporated as a city. Much of that time the school has included a high school, although there was apparently a time when Manhattan High School might have disappeared altogether. The […]

From Poyntz to Leavenworth to Poyntz

By Janet (Krider) Duncan ‘58   Manhattan experienced large growth and change after the civil war. Many people suffered from the hard times of what was know as the Panic of 1873. An average of only two out of three children attended school on any given day for an average of five months a year. […]

The Mascot

Through the early years of MHS, it appears there was no unified school rallying name, no mascot. The sports teams were known either as Jr Wildcats or simply ‘The Blues’. The first Pep Club, formed in 1931, called themselves the Blue Dragons. “The Commentator,” a columnist in The Manhattan Mentor (as the school paper was […]

The Last Class

by Pat Dougherty ‘57   The class of 1957 was the last to walk across the auditorium stage of the “old” high school at 10th and Poyntz. Rev. Paul Olson gave the invocation and closing benediction. Dr. Raymond Q. Brewster from K.U. gave the featured address, massaging our already abundant vanity and reminding us of […]

What happened to the Blue M Queens?

By Janet (Krider) Duncan ‘58   This turned out to be a more complex subject than I thought it would be when I was asked the question, “What happened to all the Blue M Queens?” Seeking to perhaps strike a research interest, I mentioned this request to an MHS graduate of the late 80s only […]

The First Class - 50 years later

By Janet (Krider) Duncan ‘58   The Class of 1958, 154 of us, were proud to be the first class to walk as graduates across the new MHS stage at Sunset and Poyntz. We published a 50 Year Memory Book for our past reunion, and it was a gratifying experience. Two-thirds of the class responded […]

The Band, the early years

By Janet (Krider) Duncan ‘58 The first Band pictured in the first Blue M (photo 1) looks like a group of kids “clowning around.” It waswas a group of kids clowning around; they were a part of the 1919 MHS Circus. The Circus was an all-school event produced by the student council each year between […]

100th Graduation

Read about the 100th Graduation