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About Us

Dear MHS Alums & Friends of MHS,We would like to invite you to join the Manhattan High School Alumni Association (MHSAA).  MHS alumni and friends of MHS have come together in their endeavor to enhance Manhattan High School and its graduates through life-long involvement.  We have members from 69 of the MHS graduating classes and they currently reside in 33 different states.  Our intent is to support alumni and Manhattan High School by providing and maintaining information about alumni and events while serving as a link between alumni and friends and the High School and its Foundation.

One of our projects was to refurbish the “Indian” mosaic that used to be in front of the gymnasium.  The Indian was taken out of the floor in 1974 and hung on the wall of the gym behind the home side bleachers.  But when several of the mosaic pieces began to pop out it was put in storage.  Now, thanks to the MHSAA, it has been restored and it now hangs, once again, in a place of honor at the High School.

We have also established an Alumni Center & Museum at the MHS East Campus (The old Junior High building, or the original High School location, depending on when you graduated!!).  A variety of MHS memorabilia of different years, donated by MHSAA members and friends of MHS, is on display here.

We also have a room at the MHS West Campus named The Manhattan High School Alumni Conference Room.  There are several display cases in the room with memorabilia on display.

We have also provided for a “Wall of Fame” to honor selected MHS graduates that have shown significant contributions demonstrated by “Distinguished Service” after graduating from MHS and they are permanently displayed at the MHS West Campus.

We offer Annual, Associate and Lifetime Memberships.  A membership form for your use in joining the association can be found here.  Just fill it out and return to the address shown in our letterhead.

If you know of other MHS graduates or friends of MHS that would be interested in joining MHSAA, please forward this information on to them.  Please feel free to contact our president  or vice president (membership chair) for further information.

We are looking forward to having you as a member of the Manhattan High School Alumni Association.

Linda (Hoober) Wassberg, President Karl Kandt, Vice President