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2013 Annual Meeting and Picnic

Wefald Pavilion, Manhattan City Park, August 11, 2013 The members attending  the MHSAA Summer Picnic  enjoyed a beautiful bountiful pot luck feast, and many on-going and possible new projects for MHSAA were discussed during the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Manhattan High School Alumni Association.

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2012 Annual Meeting and Picnic

Report of the 2012 SUMMER PICNIC & ANNUAL MEETING. Wefald Pavilion, Manhattan City Park August 26, 2012 After finding the group locked out of their dining and meeting place, resourcefulness and cell phones finally roused the right city employee to come with a key: Photo at left shows the last of the group that had […]

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2011 Annual Meeting and Picnic

The 2011 Annual General Meeting of the Manhattan High School Alumni Association was held on August 28 at the Wefald Pavilion in Manhattan City Park, in conjunction with the MHSAA summer picnic. At least 80 alums and their families filled the tables, representing many classes from MHS.. The picnic atmosphere was one of a great […]

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