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MHSAA Float Wins Award At Celebrate 150 Parade

MHSAA members undertook a large project for Manhattan’s Celebrate 150 celebration in the form of building a float for the Celebrate 150 Parade.  As it turned out, the MHSAA float won the Hartford Trophy for “The Best Appearing Float”.  Here are a few pictures of that event.


Left to Right:  Jerry (Thrash) Ince, Pat (Hoss) Petty, Maridell (Smith) Berroth, Dave Fiser, Ron Sowell (Holding a MHS Football Letter Jacket), and Janet (Krider) Duncan stand in front of float before the parade. Standing on the float are Tim O’Hara and John Roberts (Holding an MHS football helmet), and sitting are: Barbara (Kelchek) Kennedy and Marie (York) Dellen (with cane) are sitting on the float.



Ron Sowell, with back to camera, making a last minute inspection as MHSAA members get ready for the Celebrate 150 parade.





Maridell (Smith) Berroth proudly displays the Hartford Trophy awarded the MHS Alumni Association for having the best Appearing Float in the Celebrate 150 parade.